LoudCloud Systems Signals Change in LMS Market with 4.0 Release

LoudCloud Systems announced today the public release of its Version 4.0 applications. This new iteration of the LoudCloud Learning Management Portfolio features advanced collaboration capabilities, adaptive learning tools, and fine-tuned analytics that allow faculty and instructors to personalize learning, thereby increasing engagement and improving outcomes. 

Version 4.0 signals a change in the learning management system (LMS) market –– a new direction characterized by personalized and adaptive learning technologies.

The latest offering from LoudCloud continues its strong tradition of multifaceted product design. Version 4.0 includes behavioral analytics, robust collaboration capabilities, and an enhanced, task-centric platform construction that improves faculty and student efficiency.

With Version 4.0, LoudCloud makes major strides in advancing each of these foundations. The product introduces three linchpin features: LoudTrack ©, a stand-alone outcomes manager application; an integrated, student-focused e-portfolio builder; and Campus Communities, a collaborative application that drives non-academic collaboration and engagement.

Other key updates include:

• Adaptive Learning paths for students via Conditional Release and system generated algorithms to curate and personalize content.
• A configurable analytics engine that allows institutions to set performance benchmarks and red flag at-risk performers.
• An enhanced Learning App Center that includes default integrations with MyMathLab, Equella, TurnItIn, BigBlueButton, etc.
• Default integration APIs with standard SIS and CRM applications.
• GUI personalization for individual users.

“Ease of use and open source integration are now table stakes,” said Manoj Kutty, CEO of LoudCloud Systems. “Adaptive learning and advanced analytics that drive student engagement, performance, and retention are the future of education, and Version 4.0 delivers those things.”

“We are really excited about LoudTrack©,” added Kutty. With the introduction of LoudTrack© and Conditional Release, LoudCloud indicates that it intends to enter the competency-based learning environment.

These developments coincide with the creation and beta release of LoudCloud CBL™. And, Version 4.0 further pushes the company’s base LMS into the competency-based learning space.

About LoudCloud Systems, Inc.:

LoudCloud is a behavioral analytics based teaching and learning platform designed to deliver personalized pathways in education. The core framework, rooted in re-imagined LMS technology, simplifies course and content authoring using proprietary algorithms to inform and guide course progress. With innovations in collaborative, digital readers and task centricity, LoudCloud continues to grow business with prominent customers in both the higher education and K-12 sectors while providing platforms for institutions engaging in competency based learning solutions. For more information about LoudCloud Systems, please visit the company’s websiteLoudCloud customers include, University of Florida-Lastinger Center, Bryan University, Career Education Corp. (CECO- NASDAQ), Grand Canyon University (LOPE-NASDAQ), The American College, Collin College, Laureate Education Inc., Jefferson County School District, Wissahickon School District, and Paraclete School District.

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