LoudCloud Systems Launches World’s First Competency Based Learning Management System (CbLMS)

Dallas—July 7, 2014—LoudCloud Systems today announced the release of the first purpose built Competency based learning platform.  Redesigned form the ground up, Loud Cloud CBL is the next evolution in LMS technology and the first step to providing technology to support Competency and Mastery based learning in K-12 and Higher Education. 

A recent study by EDUCAUSE came to the conclusion that there was an urgent need for modularity and flexibility within LMS systems to support Competency Based Education (CBE).  LoudCloud has heard that need and responded with LoudCloud CBL which is flexible and modular at its core. 

Early adapters of Competency Based Learning (CBL) have found that to effective CBL programs need to offer advanced competency management capabilities and individualized learning paths for each competency. LoudCloud CBL addresses this need with a variety of new innovations. Central to these innovations is (LoudTrack©) an integrated application designed to ease the authoring and management of competencies and learner achievement. Staying true to its cloud-based architecture, LoudTrack has been developed as a stand-alone application which can be integrated seamlessly with LoudCloud’s LMS.

LoudCloud’s CEO, Manoj Kutty provided insights about the new CbLMS platform. “Delivering a CBL program requires creation of unique instructional pathways aligned to competency mastery and new assessment and grading features,” said Kutty. “Since learners learn at their own pace, offering adaptive and individualized learning paths for individual learners is key. We’ve always believed in one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach. Each learner is unique and must be supported with the right learning resources at the right time.” 

In LoudCloud’s CBL application, students can accelerate through the courseware by proving mastery in competencies or enrolling in the course with pre-approved mastery. Each student is assigned a default study plan, which may then be customized for each student either automatically, through early competency achievement, or manually, in consultation with a mentor.

Conditional Release allows the instructor to provide learning content based on pre-defined criteria. Each intervention is tracked and mentors are free to converse with staff to provide alternate learning resources for individual student or a group of students.

“The competency based learning market is in its nascent stages and LoudCloud holds an early mover advantage,” said Anil Sonkar, LoudCloud’s Chief Technology Officer. “We’ll be constantly upgrading the platform to adapt to market requirements. Additionally, to assist clients we will be offering services around instruction and curriculum design as institutions look to adapt their processes to the CBL environment.” 

Collin County Community College was the primary beta test site for the new CBL platform, with 2 courses and 100 students. “Collin College continued its pioneering traditions by piloting two CBL programs to over 100 students earlier this year,” said Cary Israel, District President of Collin College. “The initial feedback was very positive and based on this success we are planning to significantly expand our CBL offerings utilizing the LoudCloud platform.”

About LoudCloud Systems, Inc.:

LoudCloud is a behavioral analytics based teaching and learning platform designed to deliver personalized pathways in education. The core framework, rooted in re-imagined LMS technology, simplifies course and content authoring using proprietary algorithms to inform and guide course progress. With innovations in collaborative, digital readers and task centricity, LoudCloud continues to grow business with prominent customers in both the higher education and K-12 sectors while providing platforms for institutions engaging in competency based learning solutions. For more information about LoudCloud Systems, please visit the company’s websiteLoudCloud customers include, University of Florida-Lastinger Center, Bryan University, Career Education Corp. (CECO- NASDAQ), Grand Canyon University (LOPE-NASDAQ), The American College, Collin College, Laureate Education Inc., Jefferson County School District, Wissahickon School District, and Paraclete School District.

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