Colleges and universities want to ensure their students are supported—from enrollment to graduation. But retention has become increasingly challenging in today’s educational landscape: advisors are typically overloaded and disparate systems make it impossible to receive early warning signs that a student needs help now.


LoudSight develops customized, intelligent analytics to help educators identify and support at-risk students—and turn things around.

Identify At-Risk Students


The students who need the most help are usually the last to ask for it. By the time their grades come out, it’s often too late to get them back on track.


But there is another way to tell how your students are doing: harness the power of your school’s data. From class attendance to past achievement (e.g. high school GPAs), LoudSight utilizes data points to form a telltale story about which of your students are at risk.


LoudSight provides your team with a single dashboard to help you understand the factors that drive student success on your campus – from academics to student life.

Receive Custom Reports and Actionable insights


LoudSight is modeled on the factors that drive student success on your campus. For that reason, we build a custom model to address your institution’s specific needs. We take everything into account: existing systems (LMS, SIS, in-course app data when available, swipe card data), specified data points, even privacy considerations. Our reports then highlight the actionable insights that matter to you the most.


And don’t worry: we’ll work with you to integrate our solution into your existing workflows and train your team to help implement it.

Reach Students When They Need it Most


You know a student is at-risk. Now what?


LoudSight integrates with your existing communication channels, allowing advisors and educators to reach out to them when they need support. You can connect with students by text or email, in the LMS, or through your campus’ app.


The platform then assesses how these communications affect a student’s performance, so you can identify best practices and scale to broader advisor groups.

Improve Learning Outcomes and Retention Rates

LoudSight provides you with the tools you need to make sure you’re supporting students from enrollment to graduation.


Provide the right support at the right time


Improve learning outcomes


Increase retention rates



From Theory to Practice:

Leveraging Learning Analytics to Drive Student Success


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