The lines between education and work are blurring. Thanks to the rise of on-going employer sponsored training and bootcamps, today’s professionals will continue to learn during every stage of their career. How can colleges and universities adapt to this changing landscape—and provide better outcomes for employers and learners alike?


Competency Based Education (CBE) provides learners with adaptable course paths and module learning units that can easily align to the needs of the ever-changing workforce.

Personalize Learning and Training


CBE is about gaining mastery of a subject, regardless of the amount of time it takes to get there.


At LoudCloud, we understand that no two students are alike. Our platform lets you provide an education that adjusts to a student’s learning competence. You can easily align content and assessments to match your students’ individual needs and create a personalized pathway to success.

Understand Student Performance


Our data-rich platform provides deep insights into student performance, as well as interaction with learning resources, student-instructor engagement, and peer collaboration. Use the power of analytics to measure student progress all the way down to the learning objective to focus resoruces on where students need help.

Tailor to Your Needs


Our platform was designed to be agile and respond to the needs of our partners. We have a rich API library that makes it easy to customize the user experience to optimize your learner and faculty experience.

When you work with BNED, you know you’re partnering with a company you can trust.


We make it easy to design, build, and implement Competency
Based Education programs customized to your unique needs.


Create an individual learning path


Certify mastery


Provide analytics insights and social learning tools