From Theory to Practice: Leveraging Learning Analytics to Drive Student Success


  • Mounting pressures to increase student success and retention are driving colleges and universities to seek new ways to measure and improve student outcomes. A strong data-based learning analytics solution enables faculty and administrators to proactively identify, understand and act on student behavior and performance, empowering the right students at the right time to achieve greater success.

  • In this webinar, a panel of practitioners from public and private universities will help you understand the power of learning data, discuss how they are successfully implementing an analytics solution on their campuses, and share best practices to help you get started on yours.

  • Specifically, attendees will:

    • Understand the power of learning data and analytics, and the role it plays in driving student success and retention

    • Learn the key factors to consider when selecting and implementing a learning analytics-based solution

    • Hear how Colorado State University, Grand Canyon University and Unizin Consortium are successfully implementing learning analytics programs

  • This webinar was sponsored by Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • Speakers:

    • Dave Johnson, PhD, Director of Research and Analytics, Colorado State University

    • Joseph N. Mildenhall CIO, Grand Canyon University

    • Amin Qazi, Founding CEO of Unizin Consortium

    • Manoj Kutty Vice President and Managing Director of Sales & Client Service, Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud

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